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  • Virtual Servers

    • Linux NVMe SSD VPS

      Our Linux NVMe SSD VPS are based on KVM full virtualization and offers you guaranteed resources and full control with full root privileges at all times. Through our web interface, you control server actions such as rebooting or reinstalling, can access your server via the KVM console and have real-time insight into the statistics of your server system. We automatically create a backup of your virtual server every night with a retention period of 3 days - at no additional cost to you. Your own ISO images can also be included on request through our support. We rely on our own server hardware from HPE and Dell for our host systems, which are equipped with components for continuous operation in data centers. Modern Intel processors, ECC DDR4 RAM, PCIe 4.0 Datacenter NVMe SSDs, RAID controllers, redundant network connections and power supplies characterize our host systems for this generation of virtual servers.

  • WebHosting

    If you want to start directly with your project and do not need your own server, use our WebHosting packages. Of course, KeyHelp® is used as the administration interface. KeyHelp® allows you to administrate your WebHosting package comfortably. You can easily create and edit e-mail accounts, databases, FTP access and much more. Using the One-Click Application Installer popular web applications such as WordPress, Joomla!, Nextcloud, OpenCart and many more can be installed automatically in just a few minutes.

  • KeyHelp® WHMCS-Modul

    WHMCS is used by many hosting companies worldwide as a central platform for all activities around the hosting business. We offer you our self-developed KeyHelp® WHMCS module for this purpose, which allows you to automate the setup of hosting accounts between your WHMCS system and KeyHelp®. Your suggestions for improvement and fast compatibility with new WHMCS versions are close to our hearts.
    • Monthly lease license

      Here you can find our KeyHelp® WHMCS module as a monthly lease license. You pay a monthly lease price for the use of our module. The lease price includes support and update access permanently. With every new WHMCS & KeyHelp® version we take care of the compatibility check and you get permanent access to our support for all questions and problems. Likewise, we extend our module with new functions, from which you benefit through the update access at no extra cost with each new version of the module.

    • Purchase license

      Here you can find our KeyHelp® WHMCS module as a purchase license. You pay a one-time price for the use of our module. The purchase price includes support and update access for 1 year. We take care of the compatibility check for each new WHMCS & KeyHelp® version and you get access to new module versions and our support free of charge for the first year. Likewise, we extend our module with new functions, from which you benefit through update access at no additional cost in the first year. From the 2nd year and for the following years, you can extend the update and support access for a fee for an additional year at a time.

  • German translations

    In this section you can find German translations for the modules of the company ModulesGarden. These are German translations created by us from the original English file.
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