WebHosting Professional

50 GiB NVMe storage space for hosting and email mailboxes
1 TB traffic (fair use)
500 e-mail boxes (IMAP / SMTP)
500 databases (MariaDB)
500 FTP users
500 cronjobs

Our WebHosting Professional package always has the best and guaranteed performance for your web project.

Storage space
We store your data on super-fast NVMe storage drives
50 GB
You share the storage space for your website, databases & email inboxes
Verbrauchen Sie so viel Traffic wie nötig
1 TB according to fair-use principle
External domains are also possible at no extra charge
unlimited domains possible
Subdomains ∞ unlimited subdomains possible
E-mail boxes
Connection via SSL/TLS or STARTTLS
Automatic setup via QR code/profile for Apple devices

500 mailboxes (POP3 / IMAP / SMTP)
E-mail addresses ∞ unlimited e-mail addresses (aliases) possible
Roundcube Webmail is available for you on the go
Incoming emails are checked for spam
You can enable or disable the spam filter per mailbox and configure it individually
Incoming emails are scanned for viruses
You can enable or disable the virus filter per mailbox
Maximum email size
An email you send must not exceed this size
100 MB
MariaDB 10.6.11 is used as database server
500 databases
FTP users 500 FTP users
Scheduled tasks (cronjobs) 500 cronjobs
PHP versions
Older PHP versions, e.g. 5.6 can be unlocked upon request
7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2
memory_limit 1.024M
max_execution_time 900
Directory protection
Protect important folders and files with username/password
SSH access available on restricted SSH environment
You can make your own backups in addition to our backups
locally, via (S)FTP, WebDAV, Dropbox or user-defined (e.g. S3)
Yes, centrally by us daily for 14 days on separate storage system
File Manager
Manage your folders and files via web browser without FTP access
SSL Certificates available - Free Let's Encrypt certificates or own SSL certificates
Install popular web applications with just one click
Blog/CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, MODX
Forums: Flarum, phpBB
Chat: BlaB! AX
Cloud storage: Nextcloud
E-commerce: OpenCart, PrestaShop
Photo Gallery: Lychee, Piwigo
Project Management: MantisBT
Wiki: MediaWiki
Control Panel
In the Customer Center or Control Panel you control all the functions of your WebHosting package
Customer Center or KeyHelp® Pro Server-Control Panel
We host on our own server hardware
Dusseldorf, Germany
Setup Fee 0,00 Euro
Charging Period 1 Month
Minimum Contract Period 1 Month
Cancellation Period 7 Days


Setup Fee
EUR 0.00
Charging Period
Minimum Contract Period
one month
Cancellation Period
7 days before payment


  • WebHosting Professional
    EUR 16.90


  • 1 GB additional storage space
    EUR 0.50
  • 5 GB additional storage space
    EUR 2.50
  • 10 GB additional storage space
    EUR 5.00

Price including 19% sales tax